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Computer Literacy Programme in Rural areas

To strengthen the Koch Rajbanshi and other marginalized community from rural areas in computer literacy and skills, CKRSD has initiated computer literacy program by both supporting computer institute and establishing computer study center. Through this computer institute and study center CKRSD and its collaborating partners aims to provide low cost quality computer education to marginalized section of the society. This initiatives organizes occasional free computer training for women and children. At present a computer study center has been established in Gauripur and a computer institute is being supported in Futkibari, both are in Dhubri district of Assam.

Knowledge Sharing

Communicating Research and sharing knowledge with the public domain is an important initiative of CKRSD. CKRSD firmly believes that Research and Knowledge has no value unless it is placed in the public domain for maximum use of the same.  For an empower society, Research and Knowledge has be communicated.  CKRSD  achieve this purpose through  publications, dissemination of Research through websites, Photo and Cultural Exhibitions in various parts of Assam, Round Table discussion and  workshops in rural areas. Moreover, many important documents, publication and books have been made aavailablefor free download in the official website of the CKRSD. This has helped many scholars who are working on issues related to Koch Rajbanshi. We have also started publishing CKRSD briefing series which aims to dissemination various Koch Rajbanshi research for public consumption.

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