People who have contributed documents/publications to the CKRSD archive are:

  1. Mahesh Roy, West Bengal
  2. Kishor Roy Sarkar, West Bengal
  3. Nikhil Roy, West Bengal
  4. Nalinikanta Roy, West Bengal
  5. Taramohon Adhikary,  West Bengal
  6. Linkan Roy, Assam
  7. Pranab Jyoti Das Rajbanshi, Assam
  8. Bhabesh Chandra Roy, Assam
  9. Krishnakanta Roy, Assam
  10. Uttam Kr. Roy, Assam
  11. Punam Barua, Assam
  12. Rudra Koch, Assam
  13. Ram Kishor Barman, West Bengal
  14. Atul Roy, West Bengal
  15. Rini Barman, Assam
  16. Jajang Koch, Assam
  17. Gautam Roy, Assam

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