Sanatan Koch Memorial Archery Competition: An Unique way to peace and unity
CKRSD strongly believes that traditional sports can play a very important role in bringing peace and unity in the society, at the same time it helps to preserve the ancient archery tradition of the Koch Rajbanshi people, who were once known for their Archery skills. Keeping this in view, since 2012 CKRSD is organizing an  Archery Competition in the memory Koch warrior Sanantan Koch. So far the even helped in Koch Rajbanshi areas of Dhubri, Kokrajhar and Barpeta District of Assam. The event is organized in collaboration with other civil society organization with a view to encourage  partnership. Kamatapur Association, a West Assam based civil society organization has been partner of the event since its inception. In 2015, Daisingri Bisuwa Committee partnered with CKRSD to organized the even. Sanatan Koch Best Archer Competition has become very popular among people and every year around five hundred people participate in the event of All age group. Besides Koch Rajbanshis, Adivasis and Bodos and other community also take part in the event. Though the years it has helped building peaceful environment among various communities of lower Assam.

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