This page will connect you to  Ph.D. theses on Koch-Rajbanshis or related to Koch Rajbanshis which are available on line. To get access to theses just click on names of the topics below. Kindly note that once you click a topic, it will lead you to the main page from where only you can download the thesis if  you wish to. This has been done to avoid copyright issues, if any.

  1. King Naranarayan and his times by Bapari, Parimal
  2. Religion and religious establishment of Kamata Koch kingdom by Debnath, Pabitra Kumar
  3. Religious policy of the Koch rulers of Assam 1515 to 1728 A D by Rajkhowa, Dibya Kumar
  4. Study of some aspects of the history of Kamata Koch Bihar by  Guha Roy, Shyamal Chandra
  5. From tribalism to independent state reflection on the emergence of Kamate koch Kingdom c 15th Century AD 1773 AD by Barman, Rup Kumar
  6. Koch coinage a study in historical perspective by Dutta, Debajit
  7. Paschim asamar koch rajbansghi janagosthi eti samajik sanskritic adhyayan by Sarker, Gita
  8. Bongaigaon zilar koch rajbangshi sakalar samajik achar anusthan eti adhyayan by Hazarika Swapna
  9. Social folk custom of the koches in west garo hills by Dutta, Sudipta
  10. A study of dermatoglyphics blood groups and other genetic traits of the Kochs of Meghalaya by Kotal, Murali
  11. Garo paharar koch sampradayar samaz samskriti aru bhasa eti bislesanatmak adhyayan by Boruah, Raju
  12. Ethno Cultural Identity Crisis of the Rajbanshis of North Eastern Part of india and Nepal and Bangladesh during the period of 1891 to 1979 by Adhikary, Madhab Chandra
  13. Jalpaiguri jelar rajbanshi loksonskriti songroh somiksha o bishlesan(জলপাইগুড়ি জেলার রাজবংশী লোকসংস্কৃতি : সংগ্রহ, সমীক্ষা ও বিশ্লেষণ) by Sharma, Prahlad
  14. The Reflection of Life and Culture of Rajbanshis of North Bengal in Madankam Songs A Study by Barman Parimal
  15. Women and education the case of the Rajbanshis of Jalpaiguri District 1977 onwards by Ghosh Bhattacharyya, Moumita
  16. Social life of Tista based Rajbangshi community as reflected in the works of Debesh Roy by Chakraborty, Avijit
  17. Uttarbanger rajbanshi prabad prabachan ekti artha samajik samikshan(উত্তরবঙ্গের রাজবংশী প্রবাদ-প্রবচন : একটি অর্থ-সামাজিক সমীক্ষণ) by Pradhan, Tapan Roy
  18. Silchar municipality _ a study of its origin and development 1882_1990 by Sultana, Kismat