One thought on “CKRSD PDF Publication

  1. I think CKRSD will be successful through its journey. The report about Koch-Bihar palace was the demand of time. But Along with the Koch-Bihar palace we should also give importance to the RajHauli of Abhayapuri. I think the Abhayapuri palace is also going through its bad days. Its lacking in management. If it is possible the institution can publish a report about the Abhayapuri palace in a Assamese daily. Along with that we should collect some historical notes upon Rani Abhesyori. We should bring light to the great effort she had made to rebuild the capital. We are very hopeful about the institution and also to Arup da. keep going Arup Da. May god bless you.
    Jai Suklodhoj Rai
    Jagat Dwipendra Ray

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