CKRSD  documents everything related to Koch Rajbanshi. An archive has been created from its collection from 2012 in the centre. The Documentation is a permanent programme of the centre. At present the centre has  more than 100 rare books, pamphlets, memorandums and thousands of photographs. We are in the process of digitizing the documents.

Documentation of Social History of the Koch Rajbanshis of South Asia:

Since its inception, CKRSD has seriously devoted itself in documenting the social history of the Koch Rajbanshis of South Asia (India, Nepal and Bangladesh). The Koch Rajbanshi have gone through many social movements and transformation in various parts of South Asia in the Post-colonial period. The community is now divided by modern political boundaries of South Asia tough they ive in contiguous areas. The modern political and regional division has resulted in loss of traditional and historical Identity of the community and they are involved in various stages of social movement for social justice in North Bengal, Assam and Nepal. CKRSD is trying its best to document the social mobility of the Koch Rajbanshi documenting all important aspects which include documentation of Memorandum, Pamphlets, video graphy, audio and monographs.

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