The Koch Rajbanshi community is very rich in cultural tradition, has a glorious history and some of the most important heritage of Northeast India belongs to them. To create awareness about their history, culture and heritage, CKRSD organized two big events in Guwahati in the Urban Winter Festival. The winter festival is organized by Metropolis every year in the month of January where hundreds of organizations take part from both India and abroad. In 2013 Urban Winter Festival, CKRSD organized a three programmed titled the “Koch Rajbanshi: A Journey of glory, dignity and struggle from 1250 A.D. to 2013 A.D” in the Urban Winter Festival 2013 organized by Metropolis. The program was a unique combination of Photo Exhibition, Painting Exhibition, Folk Dance and discussion. Again in 2015, CKRSD organized another three day program titled “The Rise of the Koch Rajbanshis” in which a huge exhibition was installed at Shradhanjali Kanan, Guwahati. Along with Exhibition, Koch Rajbanshi folk artists performed various cultural activities for three days attracting hundreds of visitors. CKRSD has started supporting public program like Bisuwa to popularize culture of the Koch Rajbanshis where it was forgotten. In April 2015, it supported the Bisuwa Program of Daisingiri Village in Barpeta district of Assam.

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