CKRSD has been trying to communicate all the available research work on Koch Rajbanshi and Kamatapur region to scholars who are interested to study/work on issues related to Koch Rajbanshi. We have noticed that a large number of research papers/articles are available in the form of PDF in the cyber world. However, these works are not in a collective forum. Hence, here we have tried to bring all those works together, so that people don’t get lost in the cyber world.Kindly click on the name of the publications to access them.

  1. Sankardeva in the Koch Kingdom by J.P. Rajkhowa
  2. King Nara Narayana’s Military Campaigns in North-East India: An Analysis through Numismatics by Debajit Dutta
  3. Kamatapur and the Koch Rajbanshi Imagination by Arup Jyoti Das (Book)
  4. Changing Borders, Shifting Loyalties:Religion, Caste and the Partition of Bengal in 1947 by Sekhar Bandyopadhyay
  5. Quest for identity: linking ethnicity, electoral politics and violence in Koch-Rajbanshi sovereignty movements of India by  Chandreyi Sengupta, Debajit Datta
  6. Ancient Trade Partners: Bhutan, Cooch Bihar and Assam (17th- 19th centuries) by Françoise Pommaret
  7.  Goalpariya Language -Breif Study by Mir Ali Prodhani by Mir Jahan Ali Prodhani (Research Paper)
  8. Trans-border Identities (A study on the impact of Nepali and Bangladeshi Migration to India) by Dr. Subhakanata Behera
  9. The Kamatapuri Movement its roots and Response of the State  by Partha Sen & Abhijit Dutta (article)
  10. Life After Partition:A Study on the Reconstruction of Lives in West Bengal by Anasua Basu Raychaudhury
  11. Naxalite Movement that was not in Naxalbari, by J.J Roy Burman
  12. Querying Relevance of the term Indigenous Peoples’ in three level Apporach with Special reference to Rajbanshi Community by  Ashok Das Gupta
  13. Rajbanshi Women and Empowerment: Through the Lens of Gender 

    and Development Rubric by Moumita Ghosh Bhattacharyya

  14. The endangered Linguistic Identity of the Rajbanshi Children of North Bengal, by Dripta Piplai
  15. A Sketch of Phonology and Grammar of Rajbanshi by Christopher P. Wilde
  16. Evolution of Rajbanshi Society: A Historical Assessment by Paulami Bhawal,
  17. Ethnic Movements in Assam: A Study of Koch Rajbanshis by Paresh Borah
  18. Koch-Rajbansi’s and Their Traditional Phytotherapy, A Case Study in the Chirang District Of Western Assam by Uzzal Dutta & Dr. G.C. Sarma
  19. The Rajbanshis of North Bengal by Charu Chandra Sanyal
  20. Crossing Borders and Singing about Erotic Desires in Bhawaiyaa Folk Music by Rini Barman

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