CKRSD library contains only books and documents on issues of Koch Rajbanshi and their area. 

Kindly fill up the below form to access our Library and consultancy on research.

8 thoughts on “Library

  1. Collection is great name wise but majority of them are in bengali ,assamese and nepali too , hopefully those books in regional languages can be translated to english as soon as possible ..
    thank you..

  2. This org is doing great job for d entire rajbongshi community. Plz make all this books available at all places and govt. Institutions. says:

    i m proud to b a rajbongshi

  3. The initiatives of the pioneers of the community is really laudable. It should be continuous effort to the possible extent from all of us . No doubt , significant progress has been made in all front towards the revival of the community. More and more R&D works should be taken up for literature , traditions and History of the community. Lack of prominent and concrete evidence often hampering
    the recovery process of the past. Nevertheless , the effort must go on.
    Observing the present trend of efforts , the following initiatives may be taken up , to accelerate the pace of recovery
    1. Effort should be put to establish a central digital library to preserve all evidences of the community in the form of video, audio, text files and so on as, has been done /available for many advanced communities like sikh community etc.
    2. An umbrella type web-site should be started instead of so many blogs, web pages serving same purpose.
    3. The majority members of the community where they live ,either live below poverty line or are economically very weak .Illiteracy is one of the major reason behind this. Impart of Right and vocational education may help in overcoming this situation.
    Where-ever we see , we find the advanced communities/countries has taken up the latest technologies/techniques. We too, must put effort to penetrate/adopt latest technologies in all spheres , be it is agriculture , weaving, or some other field. Modern history repeatedly shows . those who have adopted latest technologies in their day to day life processes , have gone far ahead of others ,For example, consider Israel/Jews people . Modern technologies have penetrated in all spheres of their life & because of these they are enjoying a very high standard of life,in-spite of being surrounded by bitter enemies on all sides. This , once most hated and suppressed community has become one of the most advanced community of the modern world. We too can a lot from their struggle for survival and revival.
    4. A humble request,to the web masters of this site,
    If possible please upload the PDF versions of the rare books and also of the books that has been listed here, because at times , these are not easily available or may not be possible to collect .

    Dhruba Koch

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