• Scheduling of the Koch-Rajbongshi community of Assam in Scheduled Tribe (Plains) list: Filed a Writ Petition (Civil) in the Gauhati High Court in Guwahati, Assam in regard to the said matter.
    Protected people in Tribal Belts & Blocks of Assam: Submitted a representation with the Chief Minister and others, demanding the inclusion of the Koch-Rajbongshi community as ‘protected people’ in all the Tribal Belts and Blocks of the state of Assam and not just in four districts of Goalpara, Dhubri, Kokrajhar and Bongaigaon as the Koch-Rajbongshi people of Assam are one and the same class of people.
  • Refugee Law for Trans-Border Indigenous People: Submitted representation with the Home Minister of India, etc., to create a separate division in the Ministry of External Affairs for the Koch-Rajbongshi people (like the Sindhi and Bengali people coming to India from Pakistan and Bangladesh) and create a separate Refugee Law for the Trans-border Indigenous People of South-Asia.
  • Anti-Corruption initiatives: Filed RTI with WPTBC in regard to Koch-Rajbongshi Development Council requesting to provide for information in regard to various financial and administrative irregularities of the said Council.
  • Defining Assamese: Submitted a representation with the Speaker of the Assam Legislative Assembly in regard to the issue of defining an Assamese vis-a-vis the position of CKRSD / Koch-Rajbongshi people.