Hindu Rajbanshi community is the only ‘Kshatriya Varna’ people in West Bengal, Assam and in the entire Northeast India. These Rajbanshi speaking people numbering more than two crore, ordinarily reside in strategically located areas of whole of North Bengal (barring its hilly terrains), lower Assam, western part of Meghalaya, Purnia and Kishanganj districts of eastern Bihar, two districts of eastern Nepal, northern Bangladesh and their adjoining regions from the earliest times of India’s existence. They have a glorious history (latest being the Koch Empire that flourished during sixteenth century and ruled Cooch Behar till 1949) but for socio-economic, linguistic and political reasons they are now on the brink of losing their identity, losing their homeland and leading a life of neglect. Click here to read the full article by Captain Ray


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