Cooch Behar based Koch Rajbanshi Writer and Poet Kamaleswar Sarkar has been selected for the CKRSD senior Scholarship award for the year 2o13-14 by the board of trustees of Centre for Koch Rajbanshi Studies and Development (CKRSD). Mr. Sarkar has been writing in the Rajbanshi-Kamatapuri language for a long time and is the most respected poet of the Community. He is also a great collector of manuscripts and valuable documents related to the past of Kamatapur region. Though his fist literary work is in Bengali (Hat tolo traffic) language, later he decided to write only in Kamatapuri language. Duske Din Jai, Re Bandhav and Ei Manshi Jivan are his poetry collections in Kamatapuri Language. He is one of the pioneers in promoting Rajbanshi-Kamatapuri language as the medium of primary education in North Bengal. He has authored one novel titled Nayaneswari in Rajbanshi-Kamatapuri language. Mr. Sarkar was born in 1954 in Cooch Behar.  The Scholarship will be given for 12 months with effect from September 2013.  

Centre for Koch Rajbanshi Studies and Development (CKRSD) is a non-profit organization devoted to the development of the Koch Rajbanshis of India. The CKRSD Scholarship programme wishes to encourage Koch Rajbanshi writers and artists to continue their work despite the hurdles they faced in the society and life. CKRSD will welcome if anyone wishes to contribute in the scholarship programme.

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