Computer instituteIn order to bring about positive change among the traditional Koch-Rajbanshi people, including other marginalized community members, CKRSD has initiated computer education and skill development programs in rural areas by supporting local entrepreneurs to set-up home-based Computer Centre’s and also establishing CKRSD’s own Computer Study Center with the support of local stakeholders. Through such Computer and Study Centre’s, CKRSD and its collaborating partners aim to provide free as well as low cost computer education to students and job seekers coming from marginalized section of the society. Even Computer Training camps are held to give basic computer training to women and school going children. At present a computer study center has been established in Gauripur and a computer institute is being supported in Futkibari, in the border district of Dhubri in Assam.

One thought on “Computer Literacy Programme in Rural areas

  1. This is really an Admirable step taken. This would benefitted our people a lot. Is CKRSD also providing relevant certificate of the courses? Worth, if providing certificate.

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