Nalini Ranjan Ray (middle) with Vikram Rajkhowa (left) and Arup Jyoti Das (right)

Guwahati: Koch Rajbanshi scholar and social worker Nalini Ranjan Ray has joined as the new Director(honorary) of Centre for Koch Rajbanshi Studies and Development (CKRSD), a Guwahati based Institute, which work among the Koch Rajbanshi community with the primary objective to ‘preserve’ and ‘promote’ their  rich culture, history, language, belief system and  socio-political rights. Ray took over the charge from former Director Arup Jyoti Das on July 22, 2018 at CKRSD office in the presence of Vikram Rajkhowa, Chairperson of CKRSD. Mr. Ray is an Ex-Service Officer from Indian Army and at present associated with Public Sector Bank in North East Circle (India) in Senior Management Grade.  He is a native of Darjeeling District of West Bengal and currently lives in Guwahati, Assam. Ray is the author of Koch Rajbanshi and Kamatapuri the truth unveiled . His recent publication work Merger of Erstwhile Cooch Behar is a compilation of important documents and correspondences related to merger this princely state with Indian dominion of India

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