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The Future’s in the Past: The Koches and the Worship of Hira Devi

Anuj Choudhury The Koches are generally theist of pluralist deities. They worship nature with profound devotion. Their deities are known as wai (God or Goddess) according to their Koch language. Religion and belief system of the Koches can be broadly … Continue reading

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কোচ ৰাজবংশী সমাজত তামোল-পান(গুৱা-পান)

কৰবী সিংহ কোচ জাতি এটাৰ কৃষ্টি , পৰম্পৰা , ৰীতি-নীতি ইত্যাদি ‌বোৰৰ মাজ‌তেই প্ৰতিফলিত হয় জাতিটোৰ সংস্কৃতি। উৎসৱ-পাৰ্বনৰ পৰা আদি কৰি জনজীৱনত প্ৰচলিত প্ৰত্যেকটো লোকাচাৰ ৰীতি-নীতিৰ আধাৰতে গঢ়ি উঠে এটা জাতিৰ সংস্কৃতি। জনগোষ্ঠীয় সংস্কৃতি পৰম্পৰাৰ ক্ষেত্ৰত ইতিহাস প্ৰসিদ্ধ কোচৰাজবংশীসকলোৰো এক … Continue reading

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Download ‘Koch Rajbanshi and Kamtapuri-the truth unveiled’s pdf version

It has been a constant endeavor of CKRSD to communicate research and studies on Koch Rajbanshi to the Public domain. With that spirit we are publishing the pdf version of Nalini Ranjan Ray’s famous work “Koch Rajbanshi and Kamtapuri-the truth … Continue reading

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A report on the present condition of Cooch Behar Palace

In 2009, ND TV projected Cooch Behar Palace as one of the possible seven wonders of India and did a strong campaign in support of that. Popularly know as the Rajbari Palace, this magnificent Palace was built by Koch King … Continue reading

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An Interview with Gayatri Devi by Sekhar Gupta

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