nalini cover front small sizeIt has been a constant endeavor of CKRSD to communicate research and studies on Koch Rajbanshi to the Public domain. With that spirit we are publishing the pdf version of Nalini Ranjan Ray’s famous work “Koch Rajbanshi and Kamtapuri-the truth unveiled” in CKRSD’s website. The original book was published in 2007 which readers appreciated a lot. This book is a valuable source of information for scholars, as well as students who are doing research on Koch Rajbanshi people of India. Mr. Ray is one of the few Koch Rajbanshi intellectuals who is seriously talking about the rights of Koch Rajbanshi people. To access the book go to the publication section of the website or click here. The writer can be reached at

8 thoughts on “Download ‘Koch Rajbanshi and Kamtapuri-the truth unveiled’s pdf version

  1. I am thankful to CKRSD for uploading my book in the web page. I do hope that our fellow countrymen, will access the portal and read about rich historical background of Koch Rajbanshi or Rajbanshi community and their problems relating to social, economic, linguistic, cultural and political aspects. I shall be happy if this book of mine succeeds in bringing some awareness and awakening among these hapless, identity-crisis laden Rajbanshi people.
    Wishing the readers a happy reading.
    Capt. Nalini Ranjan Ray

    1. You may get hard copy of the book from the publisher M/s Vicky Publishers, Saraswati Apartments, Chilarai Nagar Path, Bhangagarh, Guwahati – 781005, Ph. 0361-2451586, M-9435010632.
      In case of any difficulty or non-availability of the book with the publisher, we can arrange a copy available with someone living close by; in that case, please let me know your where about and contact. Regards

  2. I m feeling really happy and wish u all the best for ur research and developement of rajbongshi language .
    Sir, Is there any dictionary in our language

    1. Yes, we do have dictionaries in Rajbanshi/Kamtapuri language. At this moment I can name a dictionary ‘কামতাপুরী অভিধান’ – সুজন বর্মন (‘Kamtapuri Abhidhan; written by Sujan Barman, published by Kamtapuri Bhasha Unnoyan Porishad, Dinhata, Babupara, Ward No.2, Cooch Behar.

      Nalini Ranjan Ray

  3. Thankyou sir, for uploading this book.It may help me a lot to know about the history of the koche or Rajbamsis of India as well as Nepal .

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