Headlines: A collection of news reports on Koch Rajbanshi

From 2000 to 2005, Koch Rajbanshi’s movement for self-determination was high in spirit and lots of activities had taken place. It was also covered in the national print media, though not very well. Headlines, the latest PDF publication of CKRSD is a collection of such news reports carried out in the English print media during the period of 2000 to 2005. This has been compiled by Arup Jyoti Das for free public view in accordance with CKRSD’s mission of dissemination knowledge and information to public domain. It should me mentioned that is not an overall collection, but a partial collection of news of the above mentioned period on Koch Rajbanshi. CKRSD wished to receive acknowledgment, if this PDF publication is cited or used for research and other purpose. Click here to access the publication or go to Publication section of our website

Download ‘Koch Rajbanshi and Kamtapuri-the truth unveiled’s pdf version

nalini cover front small sizeIt has been a constant endeavor of CKRSD to communicate research and studies on Koch Rajbanshi to the Public domain. With that spirit we are publishing the pdf version of Nalini Ranjan Ray’s famous work “Koch Rajbanshi and Kamtapuri-the truth unveiled” in CKRSD’s website. The original book was published in 2007 which readers appreciated a lot. This book is a valuable source of information for scholars, as well as students who are doing research on Koch Rajbanshi people of India. Mr. Ray is one of the few Koch Rajbanshi intellectuals who is seriously talking about the rights of Koch Rajbanshi people. To access the book go to the publication section of the website or click here. The writer can be reached at nranjan.ray@gmail.com

Rajbongshis, the forgotten victims of Bodo-Muslim crossfire

The Rajbonghsis have become the collateral damage of what has been characterised as  a Bodo-Muslim conflict. These refugees feel they get scant attention from anyone. At night the village is frequently without electricity. They have to eat by the light of their mobile phones because they do not have a generator. A man named Sukumar shows me a little girl whose fever is not going down. To read the full story click here

Cooch Behar’s blonde queen – From the London swish set to the empty royal palace

London-born Gina Narayan loves Cooch Behar more than any other place in the world. The beautiful Cooch Behar palace, her handsome husband on a horse, tennis or badminton in the afternoon… the images flash through her mind, 27 years after she left India.

Gina was Georgina Egan before she married Maharaja Jagaddipendra Narayan Bhup Bahadur of Cooch Behar in 1956. “We were introduced at a dinner party in London and married secretly after a three- month courtship,” recounts the 76-year-old, sitting in a room bedecked in oil paintings and black-and-white photographs of royal family members at the Dev Burman residence on Ballygunge Circular Road. Full Story

Teesta Barrage Project gets a new completion commitment

SILIGURI: West Bengal irrigation department has come up with a new commitment for completion of Rs 3k crore worth Teesta Barrage Project (TBP) that has already gained its nick name as ‘Never Ending Story.’ After 26 years of its planned completion date and already with over 2200% cost overrun, the incomplete project still remains as a major factor to influence socio-economy and politics of north Bengal. Click here for full Story