Cooch Behar Merger Agreement

Cooch Behar Merger agreement is the agreement through which the eastern part (known as Koch Bihar) of 16th Century Kamata Kingdom came under the Indian Domain. The eastern part which came under the British in 1773 through another agreement became a princely State and remained so till the Indian Independence Act was passed. The Kingdom of Koch Bihar joined Indian domain in 1948, a year after India and Pakistan got independence. Click  Cooch Behar Merger Agreement to down load the text of the agreement.

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Managing Trustee Centre for Koch Rajbnashi Studies and Development, Guwahati
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2 Responses to Cooch Behar Merger Agreement

  1. Samar Roy says:

    Cooch behar ook Koch behar neka itihas bikriti korar chakranta aro aporadh.

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